The CC Team

The Minds Behind the Madness


Stanley L


The founder of Catlett Customs alongside his friend Jonathan, Stanley has been designing since middle school. Specializing in concept art and design, as well as sneaker design, he founded CC in order to bring art to everyone's footwear. An avid shoe collector, he ever seeks to expand his own collection and produce media that anyone can enjoy. He also manages the upcoming rap duo, the Dash Boys. He currently attends University of Iowa as a first year student.

cc photo.jpg

Johnny D


Co-founder, manager, and co-designer of Catlett Customs. Johnny has always been intrigued by shoes, and has recently been experimenting in the shoe industry.  Johnny has a background in photoshop, web design, and shoe design. Currently his goal is to provide the community with a method of expressing themselves with their kicks. He is currently a first year at the University of Iowa.

Darshaun S


As the photographer of Catlett Customs, Darshaun provides the images and videos for the site. He is currently a second year student at the University of Iowa. If you are interested in more of his work, follow him on social media and his YouTube channel @Darshaun Smith.


Chris A


Chris is a part of our management and marketing team. Chris is a 5th year BFA Graphic Design student who specializes in page design. Chris loves all kinds of art and has recently taken up photography as a hobby. Skateboard photography is his favorite. Check out his Instagram @thezaaaman.


Shray P


As one of the painters of Catlett Customs, growing up in Chicago was big. Most of his work is inspired by artists and the city. Although he is pursuing business, Shray intends to have a long term goal of being his own boss.


Kalon T


Kalon Thompson is a designer and artist that specializes in drawing and in the custom form of Hydro-Dipping. He has obtained his AA degree from Kirkwood Community College and is on track to becoming an Industrial Design Student at Iowa State University. From there, he plans to pursue his dream of becoming a Sneaker Designer. Kalon has experience in Adobe Photoshop, digital art, and shoe customization. Being quite passionate and intrigued by sneakers and the sneaker industry, Kalon is always intrigued to meet new people who are also interested in the unique world of sneakers.


Gabriella D

Creative Director

Gabi has always had an interest in painting and art, and is a valued member of the Catlett Customs team. Through her creative brainstorming, she is able to come up with unique and revolutionary ideas. Gabi is a first year university student.


Hannah R


Hannah Rabinowitz is an artist and has been painting for many years. She is excited to be working as part of the Catlett Customs team. Hannah is a second year student and is excited to begin working on painting.