Our Customization Process

How does the customization service work?

  1. Fill out our custom order form. One of our artists will get back to you shortly.

  2. Our artist will work with you to create a finalized design.

  3. You approve the design and we bring it to life (~1 week)

  4. Payment and Shipping.


Yes, Catlett Customs will hydrodip your items! Simply fill out the customization form as normal and add that it is hydrodipping. Choose up to 5 colors and mention your item of choice. A more specific list of hydrodippable items can be found on the customization page.

How do I buy from Catlett Customs?

  1. Buying from Our Collection- pay online through website. Payment options include Credit/Debit and PayPal.

  2. For Custom Order- Pay through PayPal, Venmo, or CashApp after the final design is approved by you and the item is ready to ship. 

Are my shoes customizable?

Currently, Catlett Customs is able to customize a large quantity of shoes, from Jordans to Vans, provided they are made of modifiable material. A full list of acceptable shoes and materials available can be found on the list on the Customization page. Any further questions can be resolved by contacting a design team member.

Does Catlett Customs customize other items besides shoes?

Yes, other items are customizable through our hydrodipping service, or by special request through the customization form.

How is Catlett Customs handling the Covid-19 Situation?

Catlett Customs is devoted to ensuring the safety and health of all its customers. To do so, contactless delivery of the shoes to and from the customer is an option. Simply mention it in the customization form. All orders are contactless delivery unless specifically specified or decided by the customer.

Did you say Raffle?

Catlett Customs will be holding a raffle for a pair of brand new customized Air Force 1s! Keep an eye out on our Collection page for the raffle tickets!