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Welcome to Catlett Customs' Customization Service. To submit a customization request type in the response box below. Please fill out your-
1. Name.
2. Email Address.
3. Custom Idea as Subject.
4. Describe your custom idea in the Description box.
5. Add any social media that would be more preferable to use for communication if email is not your primary form of contact.
6. Specify Delivery Type in description- Contactless or Regular.
Questions? - See Example Form below.
If wondering if your shoe is able to be customized check the list below for acceptable materials and shoes.
[HYDRODIPPING]- Fill out form the same way- choose up to 5 colors and specify item.

Thanks for submitting!

Example Form

Hydrodipping Service

Hydrodip Your Items!

Through the customization form, submit your preferred colors, as well as the item that you wish to get hydrodipped. This can be shoes, water bottles, and more! 
*Note*- Restrictions May Apply. See below.

Is My Item Hydrodippable?

Hydrodip Restrictions

Items that are hydrodippable include-

  • Shoes/Sneakers With Mesh​

  • Water Bottles

  • Phone Cases

  • Decorations

Items that are not hydrpdippable include-

  • Electronic Devices

  • Pets/Living Animals

  • Items Exceeding 2ft x 1.5 ft x 1ft

If special case, please mention in customization form.